Goldfish's Pixel Music Video Is Chock Full Of Video Game References

<p>Goldfish have crammed in a crazy amount of video game history in this anarchic video pitting jazz cats against electro fish.</p>

This colorful, anarchic music video for Goldfish’s track “We Come Together” is saturated with video game history and internet culture. Mike Scott commissioned a variety of pixel artists from across the world to realize his 8-bit vision, that features about a bazillion references to all thing pixelated.

And if you’re curious about creating something similar, take a look at the making of video below to see exactly how much work goes into it. This amazingly global collaborative effort shows that all you need is to harness the creative power of the world’s population–or some of them, at least–to make a decent vid. Stylistically, the video covers pixel art, voxels, chiptune music, and even claymation for the traditionalists amongst us, in a sprawling story that takes in jazz, fish, cats, end of level bosses, and a princess in peril.