Glass Prisms Placed Atop An iPhone Create Ethereal 3D Animations

<p>Turi Endo <i>Luminogeist</i> series uses optics to make illusionist images.</p>

If you think about making art with an iPhone, you probably imagine some kind of app-based work, but Japanese artist Turi Endo uses the device to build Pepper’s ghost-inspired illusions. Using prisms constructed on top of the phone, he creates animations that look like 3D holograms floating above the phone’s screen.

The trick is achieved by playing animations on the phone’s screen, which are then projected through the prism to give the illusion that the animation is suspended in midair. The animations are either Japanese letters or look like little enlarged microscopic entities, or perhaps strange sea creatures.

Endo unveils his secrets in the video below, showing how he builds this intricate optical setup for his captivating Luminogeist series.

[via designboom]