GIF Artist Asks, "What If CUBES Could Fly?"

Caves, cities, and highways aren't safe from the mesmerizing flying objects in Mindaugas Pov's GIF series, 'CUBES.'

Lituanian animator Mindaugas Pov envisions the classic alien flying saucer with a twist in his latest GIF set, CUBES. For it, Pov poses the question, "What if CUBES could fly?" in his project description, then promptly answers that question with nine cinematic renditions of zooming, spinning, and whirring metal boxes. Innocent bystanders are frozen in place in the caves, highways and cities the CUBES appear in, casually observing, and even photographing the airborne obelisks.

We imagine These GIFs might envision the peaceful integration of the strange alien CUBES into modern society—or perhaps implies a more sinister future full of Brave New World-style domination via distraction. Decide whether CUBES represents a futuristic utopia or a terrifying dystopia by checking out the GIFs below:


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