Ghostly Light Painting Photographs In Time For Halloween [Photo Gallery]

<p>Finnish artist Janne Parviainen light paints skeletons, ghosts, and creepy monsters.</p>

We’ve been seeing a lot of creative and interesting things being done with light painting lately, not the least of which are these gorgeous and creepy photographs from Finnish artist Janne Parviainen, aka Janne Paint. He’s been using the technique to create elaborate settings and scenarios that play with the illusion of the human form—yielding haunting glowing figures set against a pale night sky, ghostly scepters trudging through the snow, or a gang of skeletons perched on a rooftop. These exquisite photographs have got us feeling alternately stunned and spooked, and maybe even curious to try the technique ourselves this Halloween season. We’re not sure if we can master it quite as well as Janne, however, who makes it a point to never alter his photos in Photoshop—it’s all au natural for this photographer.