Get Whisked Away To The Clouds In Flying Houses

<p>Laurent Chehere depicts realistic photos of buildings lifting off the ground and floating away.</p>

From The Wizard Of Oz to Up, flying houses always look like a lot of fun in movies. One imagines that looking out your window and finding yourself floating, seeing the ground fall further and further away, elicits a feeling of excitement.

Well, in Flying Houses French artist Laurent Chehere gives us a series of photographs depicting what it would actually be like if your house decided to up and drift away. We’ve gotta say, it looks a touch more terrifying than it did in the movies.

As a photographer, Chehere has created work for the likes of Audi and Nike. For this series, he tapped into a place of childlike wonderment, drawing inspiration from films like Howl’s Moving Castle and The Red Balloon. In addition to depicting the fantastic and impossible, Flying Houses shows us new angles of these buildings, revealing aspects that we would never have seen had they remained rooted to the ground.