Get Superhero 360 Degree Vision With The FlyVIZ Headset

<p>French designers have created a device that gives the wearer omnidirectional vision.</p>

If you ever wanted eyes in the back of your head, then technology has come through for you with the FlyVIZ headset, which gives users 360 degree vision. The headset uses a Sony Personal 3D Viewer that’s been modified by Jérôme Ardouin and his colleagues at the Grande École d’Ingenieurs Paris-Laval.

It has a panoramic camera sitting on top of it and the images are played back to the wearer to give them omnidirectional vision like some kind of superhero—a superhero that needs 15 minutes to adjust to their newly acquired power, but after that adjustment period users can move around and grab stuff that would usually go unseen.

At the moment, the device has to be hooked up to a computer to work, so you can’t stroll down the street with it pretending you’re better than everyone else, but no doubt this will change as they fine tune it. You can see what this augmented vision looks like in the video above, although you might not be able to understand it unless you speak French.

[via DVICE]