Get Ready For Animal Collective Radio's Second Transmission, And Contribute Your Own Show

<p>Featuring mixes from Deakin, Pantha du Prince, Turquoise Wisdom, and DOODcast.</p>

Last week, Animal Collective unleashed Animal Collective Radio, a series of transmissions featuring curated playlists from members of the band and their esteemed, music-scouring friends of various ilk. The first transmission, which premiered last Sunday, kicked off with a mix by Panda Bear, then ventured into sounds by frequent collaborators Black Dice, followed by the fruits of a global crate-digging expedition by Sublime Frequencies. After that, we got a quick sneak peek at the song “Today’s Supernatural” off their forthcoming album Centipede Hz before diving into an eclectic mix by Haunted Graffiti.

If you missed that first two hour session, not to worry. You can hear it in full here, and do so soon so that you’re all caught up for this Sunday’s broadcast starting at 9 PM EST, curated by Deakin of Animal Collective, and featuring guest sets by sonic house master Pantha du Prince, LA-based vinyl head Turquoise Wisdom, and online radio series DOODcast. For a full list of details, check back with The Creators Project on Sunday at 11:30 PM EST.

While you’re checking out “Transmission 1,” you might notice the drones, voices, and radio drops that sound like they’re being projected at you from deep space. Animal Collective has packaged these sounds, along with instructions on how to make more of them, and we encourage you to use these to create your own mix and upload it to the Centipede Radio You Mix Mixcloud page. All you need to do once you’ve made your mix is upload it to your own Mixcloud page, include the words “Centipede Radio” in the title, and tag it with Animal Collective You Mix. It will appear here with all the other You Mixes. You can use this cover image, or create your own.

As a little demonstration, here’s a mix we put together for Animal Collective Radio, inspired by Panda Bear’s boom-bappin’ mix from “Transmission 1.”

The Creators Project on Centipede Radio by Abdullah Saeed on Mixcloud

Stay tuned…