Get Full-Color Mini Replicas Of You And Your Family With This 3D Printing Photo Booth

<p>Those awkward family portraits can now be immortalized in 3D.</p>

Ever since 3D printing entered the public consciousness, the idea of a 3D printed version of yourself (or loved ones, for the non-egotistical)—a full color version not just a unicolored plastic blob—is something that most people have probably thought of in those idle moments.

Now in Japan creative lab PARTY, in collaboration with Rhizomatiks and Engine Film, are due to open a 3D printing photo booth Omote 3D in Harajuku, Tokyo so people can go along and get themselves scanned, then printed in colour in a range of sizes: small 10 cm, medium 15 cm, or large 20 cm, ranging in price from $264.00 to $528.00.

The service will be available daily from November 24th to January 13th, 2013 at a pop-up store in the Eye of Gyre gallery. So you can forget about just getting a plain old 2D picture of you and your blood relatives, instead get mini figurines of you and your fam. And maybe, with some creativity, in the future you’ll be able to appear on a website of awkward family 3D prints.

[via DVICE]