Get Digital Tone And Definition With Dance System Workout Module 001

Work it! Feel the e-burn with this hilarious CG personal trainer.

Get the Avatar abs you’ve always dreamed of with this new interactive modular mixtape workout, courtesy of Dance System, via DIS Magazine. In this hybrid video game-turned-workout tutorial, disarmingly spirited CGI muscle heads litter the screen, crunching, huffing and stretching their way to Second Life levels of physical fitness.

Featuring tracks from Waxmaster, DJ Godfather and more, the debut mix from enigmatic Dance System thumps in time to that cardio-spiked heartbeat, while a disembodied trainer offers perplexing bits of encouragement like “You look tired, keep on moving," and  “Just because I am not talking doesn’t mean I am not watching." I already feel those browser cookies just melting away.

Slide your cursor along the rainbrow-brite timeline to increase or decrease how hard your computer guide really works it.

With video by James Connolly, and interactive animations from Brooklyn-based graphic designer Alan Schaffer, the production is a humorously off-putting send-up of the mania that surrounds extreme exercise culture all the while making sure to get you in the best pixelated shape of your life. Feel the e-burn!