Get A Taste Of Shanghai's Insane Indie Rock Scene With Duck Fight Goose's "Glass Walls" [Video Premiere]

<p>Somewhere between Sonic Youth and Queens of the Stone Age lies this supergroup of the Shanghai scene.</p>

With a supergroup roster and a hard-hitting sound to match (think electrified Queens of the Stone Age), Duck Fight Goose (DFG) is the epitome of Shanghai’s indie rock scene, and a perfect entry point for anyone who’s down to explore the vibrant world of killer bands that remain a mystery to most western audiences.

Duck Fight Goose emerged in 2009, dropping their first release Flow a year later, followed by 2011’s Sports, developing a sound that’s somewhere between My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, and Yo La Tango, merged with a chaos that is distinctly Shanghai.

Next weekend at The Creators Project: Beijing 2012, foreign and local Chinese indie rock fans are going to get a hefty dose of sound from Duck Fight Goose, but for those who can’t be with us in Beijing, the band is premiering their very first music video, “Glass Walls,” with The Creators Project (above). See the band rock out while trapped in a dark, mirrored world.

In case you want to further explore China’s indie rock scene here are some details of Duck Fight Goose’s other projects: Lead singer and musical mastermind Han Han hails from psychedelic rock band LAVA.OX.SEA, bassist Sansan from the post-rock band Muscle Snog, and drummer Da Men from the electro indie rock band Hard Queen.

Below, see a few stills from the video.

Image courtesy of Duck Fight Goose