Generative Art Series Combines Elements Of Surrealism And Abstract Art

Thomas Lövgren's <i>Chameleon</i> merges various famous artistic styles to create a series of striking images.

Look at the images above and below, do they strike you as familiar? That sense of having come across them before comes from the fact that their creator, Thomas Lövgren, has combined various artistic styles to create these images in a series called Chameleon.

Influenced by the "soft and rounded shapes" found in Salvador Dalí paintings, combined with the abstract forms of Picasso and Kandinsky and a dash of Gaudi—as Lövgren explains over on his website—the series is made using a custom generative app. "The art is built up by generative shapes, freehand brush-drawings, splash & drip-effects etc. The digital synthesis are all generated, composed and arranged by the user/artist at run-time."

He used this technique to make the video below and over 200 images "with a mix of expressions in the field of surreal abstract art." The results make for an uncannily styled series of pictures that have echoes of the dream forms of Surrealism and the spritely shapes found in Kandinsky's work.

Chameleon art Copyright © 2013 by Thomas Lövgren