Gang Gang Dance's Brian DeGraw Shares Psychic Data, Atmospheric Noise

<p>The band&#8217;s keyboardist shows off another experimental side.</p>

It makes sense that artists work across multiple mediums… as is the case with Gang Gang Dance‘s Brian DeGraw. The keyboardist premiered a short film on MOCA TV earlier this week, Psychic Data, Atmospheric Noise (above), that’s a schizophrenic, highly-stylized trip featuring a cast of colorfully dressed masked figures.

The play between saturated colors, lush noise, and nature makes you think about transcendence and synesthesia. You don’t know where it’s going next, and you’re going to want to stick around to see how it pans out.

From the artist’s statement:

Psychic Data, Atmospheric Noise is an audio/visual ode to the present state of the shift in Universal consciousness. It is a fragment of a life that has been pushed to the fringes of science…..the melding of man and nature in the theater of waking dreams. The images and sounds are inspired by Random Number Generators, Remote Healing techniques, theories of the Noosphere, ‘JLG/JLG’, and ‘Timepiece’ by Jim Henson.

Two infinity and beyond! The sky is high and so are we after seeing this…

Go behind the scenes with Gang Gang Dance in the video below.