Game Glitches, FBI Warnings, And TV Ladies: The Inspiration For Tumblr's GIF-Making Sensation Max Capacity

<p>The Tumblr artist mines horror movies, <span class="caps">VHS</span> tapes, and Nintendo for his work.</p>

Tumblr has long been the home for artists, from novices to pros, to showcase their work in a simple, attractive way. Once upon a time, there were few enough hit Tumblrs out there that you would hear about all of them—a friend passes you a Tumblr link and you spend the next four days reading Garfield Minus Garfield. But now, with thousands of awesome Tumblr pages out there, it’s a bit harder to keep up, which is why Storyboard brings the best of Tumblr to its front page.

And who do we find there but Max Capacity, glitched-out GIF-maker extraordinaire. If you ever wondered what inspires his work, this will shed light on some things you want to know, as well as several things you don’t. From the video, you can tell that Capacity looks at obsolete media a bit differently than the average person, seeing beauty in old formats, their durability, and little details that no one pays attention to like FBI warnings. As he points out, someone has to design those, but who? We’re pretty sure he’s the only guy who’s ever considered that. And then there are his views on porn, an industry that doesn’t get enough respect for their hard work, according to Capacity. We’re guessing that’s because people don’t exactly focus on the production value in skin flicks. If you’re wondering, “What does this have to do with the GIFs I love bugging out to?” then heed the words of the artist himself: “Some people take me too seriously. I think my stuff’s more like watching a Schwarzenegger move than, like, going to a museum of something.”

From game glitches, to fictional monsters, to the lovely ladies of television, Max Capacity draws on various aspects of media to create his glitzy GIFs, and we’re thankful to classic video culture for producing such an oddball genius.

Here are a few of his recent GIFs.

[via Nerdcore]