From Creators to the Creator

<p>Hojun Song and his satellites for dreamers gain some exposure.</p>

Wired Magazine, recently interviewed one of our creators, Hojun Song, on his DIY satellite — not that that’s news to us or anything, we’ve been fans for a while, but we’re happy the word is spreading. The mastermind behind “The Strongest Weapon in the World” (which spews beautiful messages in the event of a nuclear attack) and the DIY Satellite, believes that people should be allowed access to space for fantastical reasons, and his group OSSI even provides a step-by-step amateur guide to building your own satellite.

After the satellite’s launch in 2011, Song will “talk to God” (or from God?) through his satellite by transmitting Morse code messages by LED lights that should be visible from space. A device strapped to Song’s body activates the light and is powered, at least in part, by people holding hands. Again, we’re not trying to brag because we were there first, but underground concepts like these should be getting major media attention.

At our upcoming Beijing event, Song’s installation Apple 2010 will be showcased as a more “down to Earth” example of how machines can respond to people’s attention. If you’re still caught up on DIY satellite, read more on Song and his competitors here.