Freerunners In LED Bodysuits Light Up The City Of Bangkok

<p>Frank Sauer&#8217;s <i> Light Emitting Dudes &#8211; <span class="caps">LED</span> Freerunning</i> will more than fill your neon quota for the day.</p>

Light Emitting Dudes - LED Freerunning from Frank Sauer on Vimeo.

As futuristic-looking cities go, Bangkok’s right up there, with its bright neon lights and bustling energy. It’s the city that Stephan Zlotescu chose to set his dystopian short film True Skin, which presents a future of augmented consumers addicted to immortality. In a less depressing narrative, but with equally great visuals and set in the same city, is Frank Sauer’s Light Emitting Dudes – LED Freerunning.

Three freerunners—Jason Paul, Shaun Wood, and Anan Anwar—get kitted out in LED body suits created by costume designer Christina Zahra and are set free to do their thing around the streets and buildings of Bangkok. Glowing like escapees from a TRON movie, they fly around the street markets and weave around the back streets, freaking out and delighting the locals as they become streaks of light racing around in a blaze of neon.

[via Vimeo]