Freaky Animation About Ghost Cats Chasing A Cute Car

<p>Rok Predin&#8217;s <i>The Chase</i> is a surreal and fun take on the car chase.</p>

It’s not every day you get to see a car being chased by flying ghost cats, but that’s probably a good thing. In The Chase by Rok Predin from Trunk Animation, a car journeys down an empty country road being chased by cat specters who slowly destroy the vehicle as they hound the unseen driver.

The music in the piece—by Ivan Arnold and reminiscent of the sort found in the Ghost House levels in Mario games—is integral to the piece and its overall, haunting effect. As the car chugs along the road the engine starts to splutter and spark, before a giant phantom cat appears behind it and then it’s game over for the little vehicle.

The animation has a video-game vibe to it and is a great example of how a strong soundtrack can really impact and augment the experience.

[via Laughing Squid]