A Mix And Match Of Architectural Styles Informs These Fantastical Buildings

Jim Kazanjian's digital creations are elaborate constructions that stick a middle digit up to the notions of safety and reality.

A mobile building that moves around on pedrail wheels? A temple that's part religious structure, part industrial site? These buildings don't sound like they could be real, and that's because they're not. Instead they come from the imagination of Jim Kazanjian, who creates hybrid architectural forms that play fast and loose with different styles and the more pragmatic considerations of design. 

From splendid mansions that mix Gothic windows and Victorian towers to places that look like the decaying remains of a megalomaniacal mad scientist, Kazanjian's creations look like they come from an alternate universe where safety and function have given way to imagination and fantasy.

You can check out some of his digital concoctions below.

[via Architizer]

Images courtesy of Jim Kazanjian