Francoise Gamma's Strange Artwork Enters The Physical Realm

<p>His deformed <span class="caps">GIF</span> creatures become laser-etched 3D artworks.</p>

Francoise Gamma, whose sublimely deformed GIF work we’re very fond of, brought his ghoulish contortions from the realm of the digital into American Fantasy Classics for the solo exhibition Soul w/ Contour earlier this year. The work used “rare crystals and secret lasers”—which seems a perfectly fitting material for such artwork—to bring his GIFs to otherworldly physical life.

The GIFs became laser-etched 3D artworks contained within glass boxes, giving the images an ethereal, but somehow still digital quality.

From the American Fantasy Classics website:

American Fantasy Classics is pleased to present the work of Barcelona-based artist Francoise Gamma. Drawing aesthetically from the early days of web-based graphics, Gamma’s low res hallucinations feature a uniquely hypnotic pulse of violence and eroticism.

Harnessing the power of rare crystals and secret lasers, the mesmerizing animations have been exhumed from the wilds of cyberspace for his first solo exhibition.

[via Prosthetic Knowledge]