Flying Lotus Doesn’t Really Want You to Kill Your Co-Workers [Video]

<p>It&#8217;s just the title of their new track.</p>

This is the new single, a chiptune drum and bass kill fest, from Flying Lotus, label mate of Mira Calix over on Warp Records. The video features a cuboid human parade waving banners declaring such profundities as “Rainbows are yummy” and “Pony dreams rule!” Real cute, until the robots activate kill mode, then it’s a cubist massacre. But what’s great is that the director Beeple, aka Mike Winkelmann, has provided the animation files, in a sort of open-source gesture, for you to download here and mess about with, similar to our pop panel songs, but with visuals instead of sounds. Beeple says you can do whatever the heck you like with them, you don’t even need to credit him. But if you’re an animator and want to share your work with the world, you can upload your remix here. Also up there to remix is his video Subprime about the US housing market implosion, along with plenty of his other work.

And, just for hell of it, below is sonic experimentalist Squarepusher’s latest “Megazine,” with his newly formed band Shobaleader One, also on Warp.