Floating Shiny Knot Is The Best Use Of Google Maps API, And Hours Of Your Time

<p>It&#8217;s the end of the week. Time to zone out for a few.</p>

Open source is good. It’s ideologically more fair, fostering inclusivity of the world’s programming community blah blah we get to look at awesome, addictive stuff because of it. Isn’t that the real benefit for the masses in the end? The fact that anyone can access Google Maps API means that independent developers can manipulate it to do their bidding, and we can look on in awe.

Floating Shiny Knot is but one fruit of this openness, and it’s one that you’ll likely stop and stare at for a good three hours. Doesn’t matter what location is on the map. It could be the street you grew up on or some place you’ll never see before you die. You came for the knot.

You can access this lil’ app here and apply it to any place you choose. Below are a few snaps from the places we went while sitting at our desks glued to our screens.






[via Noupe]