Flo Rida Has Created His Own Line Of Theremins

The pop-rap superstar creates a new line of instruments triggered by motion and lasers.

In news you probably won't use, rapper Flo Rida has come out with his own branded line of theremins, Beamz by Flo. The instrument, which contains four laser beams that trigger sound effects when touched, claims to be "the future of interactive music," and offers a way for even those with minor musical talents the chance to achieve their 15 minutes of pop super stardom.

Promising to be a unique musical experience, Beamz is pre-programmed with over twenty interactive songs from artists including Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, and (of course) Flo Rida. Adding a visual element, each song has a background rhythm track with several laser beams set to be a different instrument or sound effect.

Truly a wild one indeed.