First Animal Collective Radio Transmission Features New Single "Today's Supernatural" Off Centipede Hz

<p>Animal Collective is broadcasting a new weekly transmission featuring mixes from the band&#8217;s members, along with guest DJs like Sublime Frequencies and Haunted Graffiti.</p>

After a long, three year wait, Animal Collective is set to roll out their new album Centipede Hz in September. Tonight, we all got a little taste of it with the premiere of their first single, “Today’s Supernatural” on Animal Collective Radio, a new weekly online radio broadcast in partnership with The Creators Project and Domino Records.

Every Sunday night at 9 pm EST, Animal Collective will broadcast a new radio show live, bringing listeners unique mixes made by the band as well as a variety of guest DJ sets.

Listen to the broadcast here.

Each week a member of the band—Panda Bear, Deakin, Avey Tare and Geologist—will take turns hosting their own show. They’ve also curated a mix of friends and collaborators to guest spots throughout the transmissions. This week's show was hosted by Panda Bear and featured guest DJ sets by Black Dice, Sublime Frequencies and Haunted Graffiti. It also premiered the new Animal Collective single, Today’s Supernatural, and two new Panda Bear instrumentals.

In his mix, Panda Bear rides a wave of sample-based hip-hop by seminal jazzheads like J Dilla, Madlib, and 9th Wonder (on Little Brother’s “Say It Again”), peppered with new school electronic jams by the likes of Zomby and AraabMUZIK. The Sublime Frequencies hour is a transmission of foreign radio from Damascus to Bangkok and everywhere in between, surfacing musical gems that may never have been heard if it weren’t for this set. You can listen to the entire first show on a live loop at radio.myanimalhome.net.

The tripped out, candy-colored website visuals were designed by Abby Portner, the band’s frequent collaborator, who previously did their stage design. The look of the site will continue to evolve, and visitors can expect many more visual surprises from Portner over the weeks.

More than just a unique listening experience though, Animal Collective is also asking fans to get involved and contribute their own take on the band’s music. They’ve put together a sample package of sounds used on Centipede Hz, available in the “You Mix” section of the site, and will be inviting you to submit your own mixes. More details about where to upload your mix and cool prizes will be revealed soon.

Having collaborated with Animal Collective on a few audiovisual adventures over the past couple of years, from teaming up with Black Dice to design their Coachella visuals last year, to touring ODDSAC, made in collaboration with frequent cohort Danny Perez, we at The Creators Project are so excited to be partnering on this new project. The shows will loop for 24 hours after the live broadcast and then be made available as an on-demand stream via MixCloud. We’ll be collecting all the track lists, exclusive interviews, and more here each week.

Here’s this week’s track list:


1. Steve Spacek – “I’m glad you’re here”
2. Actress – “Ascending”
3. Jay Dee – “Doo Doo”
4. Dettinger – “Untitled”
5. Little Brother – “Say It Again” (Instrumental)
6. The JBs – “Doing It To Death Part 1 & 2”
7. Duck Sauce – “Grand Steppin’”
8. Thomas Bangalter – “Extra Dry”
9. Todd Terje – “myggsommer”
10. Panda Bear – “Soft Serve Rip Curl” (Instrumental)
11. Jam City – “Her”
12. Urban Jungle – “Back In The Daze”
13. AraabMuzik – I Remember"
14. Zomby – “Riding With Death”
15. Panda Bear – “Principe Real” (Instrumental)
16. Hype Williams – “Untitled” (Andrea Lopez)
17. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib – “Thuggin”
18. Animal Collective – “Practice”
19. Scott Walker – “Alone”
20. Trio Los Panchos – “La Malaguena”




1. Introduction – “Welcome To Thailand” (SF032 /Thai Pop Spectacular)
2. Sigumendar – “Syamsudin” (SF018/Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol.2)
3. Drama #1 – “Piso Somalim” (SF001/Folk & Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol 1)
4. Mr. Radio – "Playboy Group (SF044/Radio Myanmar)
5. Introduction MC – “Proibidao” CV (SF038/Forbidden Gang Funk of Rio de Janeiro)
6. “Syria Today” (SF009/I Remember Syria: Damascus)
7. “Rubber Television” (SF003/Night Recordings from Bali)
8. “Tecnicas De Concentracion Y Relajacion Yoga” (SF039/Latinamericarpet)
9. “Eternal Finale” (SF014/Radio India: The Eternal Dream Of Sound/D2)
10. “Radio Republik Indonesia” (SF002/Radio Java)
11. “Ramadan With Crowbar” (SF008/Radio Palestine)
12. “Exploding Briefcases Of Cairo” (SF008/Radio Palestine)
13. “Don’t Want To Let You Go” (SF020/Radio Phnom Penh)
14. “The Best New Music” (SF021/Radio Sumatra)
15. “Amplitude Massage And Beyond” (SF028/Radio Thailand)
16. Pone Tala Pone – “P.M.7/Jupiter” (SF042/Shadow Music Of Thailand)
17. “Radio Jakarta #3” (SF002/Radio Java)
18. “Roob Lor Thom Pai” (There Are Many Handsome Men Out There) – Buppah Saichol

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – “TODAY’S SUPERNATURALBEGINS 1:41:49 (From Centipede Hz, out Sept 3rd / 4th)