Finding Serene Beauty In Manufactured Landscapes

<p>Chinese new media art collective Hibanana and their signature project <i>manufactured landscape</i> present a different kind of terrain.</p>

Beijing-based Hibanana is an experimental new media collective made up of Miao Jing and Liu Chang. Previously established in Chongqing, Hibanana focuses on painting, scenography, video and film design, as well as real-time interactive experiments. A shift from 2D to motion graphics has allowed the duo to explore more visually powerful imagery and further develop their personal aesthetic, which is typified by a need to create a new experience of time and space.

Their creative style is akin to a mash-up, incorporating different approaches to a variety of mediums, and a wide range of collaborations with artists from fields ranging from architecture to DJing. Hibanana’s signature piece, manufactured landscape, started in Chongqing in 2010. In this real-time video work, the camera captures an onsite video installation. The projections, the audience’s movement through the space, and the surrounding ambient environment are mixed in real-time with Chopin’s music. The result is an obscured, shadowy world where figures and shapes are rendered almost imperceptible through a rainstorm of light.

The second version of manufactured landscape was shown in the Zai Gallery, Shenzhen in 2011. In this version, the installation was reconstructed on a larger scale. Nine curtains hung vertically in the space to create a layered visual scene that, combined with a soundscape of falling raindrops, succeeded in creating a more immersive experience and gave the piece a feeling of completeness. The audience was recorded by several cameras and all the subtle sounds and fragments of light became permanent remains.