Filmmaker Danilo Parra Brings Us Into The Strange World Of Thereminist Thomas Grillo

<p>Danilo Parra&#8217;s latest film is a fascinating portrait of an isolated, but intriguing musician, and it&#8217;s almost finished&#8212;he just needs the support of a few patrons to wrap it all up.</p>

Filmmaker and frequent contributor to Vice, Danilo Parra, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of his film Mr.Grillo: The Thereminist. But before he can hit the film festival circuit, Parra has to solve a problem faced by many talented artists today—he needs help raising the funds to finish the thing. In the final throws of an exhaustive editing process, the filmmaker is ready to bring the documentary to completion and get his story out to audiences. All he needs is the support of a few documentary fans, theremin enthusiasts, and some curious minds.

The subject of the documentary, Thomas Grillo, has devoted himself to the Theremin—a strange, synth-like, musical instrument that can be played without ever having to actually touch the device. After watching the trailer for Mr.Grillo, it's clear that Parra has a unique ability to pick out interesting characters in the least likely of settings and situations.

The result is an intense character study of a peculiar, but essentially sweet guy from Mississippi who would rather spend time with his flight simulator and Start Trek collectables than other people. Though Grillo finds meaningful human interaction difficult, Parra and his film crew develop a relationship of trust with the essentially isolated musician. Grillo opens up in some surprising and unexpected ways, allowing us to see an outsider's take on the world, and an insider's view of his isolated, but fascinating life.

Check out the trailer for Mr.Grillo yourself, and consider pitching in to help Parra's intriguing portrait of this truly unique character come to life.