Filmmaker Captures The Beguiling Beauty Of The Macro Kingdom

<p>The microcosmic world contains many hidden treasures. Filmmaker Clemento records, then compliments them with his clever editing.</p>

There are many things that go unseen by the naked human eye. For instance, we know that the subatomic world exists, but most of us have no concept of what it is or how it works. Not only is it a world that’s largely invisible, it also obeys laws that we don’t fully understand, and which seem at odds and paradoxical to the world we know and inhabit. But we’ll let the theoretical physicists scratch their heads over those strange lands.

If we pan out a considerable distance from that, we get to a world that still obeys the laws of known physics, but is often overlooked unless seen through the gaze of a camera. It’s this world that Clemento (Clemens Wirth) has set out to record in his Macro Kingdom series. But rather than simply capture it, Clemento plays with various filmic techniques to subtly heighten and give a visual narrative to what he’s recording.

For instance, in the latest installment in his multi-part series (above), which he’s just released, Clemento shows ice submerged in water, emphasising its crackling breakdown through split screen editing. It also features audio by London-based sound designers Radium Audio, giving the piece an ethereal, dreamlike poetry and a glimpse into unseen alien worlds that exists next to our own. The images are captured using a Canon MP-E 65mm lens.

If you haven’t seen the first two parts, which are just as fascinating, you can watch them below.

Part One
Part Two with sound design from Florian Rinnerthaler