Featured Works From the Gallery: Week 40

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Jan Sekula: Cardboard Playground

Go back in time to when you were small enough to fit inside of a cardboard box and remember how much fun such a simple item could be. A new refrigerator was not as exciting as the castle you would be able to create with its packaging. Jan Sekula, a Polish computer graphics designer, has taken that same childhood imaginarium and made a grown up version in his project Cardboard Playground. The Fiberboard Chair is a lounge chair coffee table combo made entirely out of cardboard. Reminiscent of SOFTlab’s R&Dazzle, Sekula designed the chair on the computer first and then cut each triangle out of cardboard on a plotter. Surprisingly, the chair itself is hollow. All of its support comes from the triangular panels. Just don’t spill any liquids on it.

Dumb Eyes: Parliament Hill

Dumb Eyes created the Parliament Hill project for an art exhibit and light show called “ONN/OF” in Seattle. Audience members stood in front of a screen with a floating rotating multicolored cube in its center. Using Kinect technology, they could manipulate the cube any way they liked. The cube would respond by spinning in a different direction (left, right, up, or down) or by changing color and pattern in relation to the movement of the audience members’ hands. Watch an example here.

Wendy W Fok: Cross-Fabrication Scales (CFS)

The Cross-Fabrication Scales, created by Wendy W. Fok, is an experimental project combining architecture and art. In it, a multitude of different “scales” combine to create one continuous, freestanding wall surface. The wall is self-supported by the minimal and fragile connection of each modular piece. The goal of the piece is to explore the way that digital and analog design utilize the physical properties allotted to that area of artistic architectural creativity. Visually similar to its natural representation, the honeycomb, this wall is possibly just as fragile, but clearly just as beautiful.