Featured Works From The Gallery: Week 20

<p>Each week we bring you our favorite projects from the Gallery, showcasing the best of what The Creators Project community has to offer.</p>

Our new online Gallery provides creative professionals a platform to showcase their portfolio of work, gain exposure, build their network, find collaborators, and become eligible for funding opportunities like The Studio. The Gallery also helps fans of cutting edge creative work to discover new artists and inspiring projects. Each week we’ll be selecting a few of our favorites and bringing you the best of what The Creators Project community has to offer. To have your work featured, submit your tech-powered projects to the Gallery.

24° Studio: Hope Tree

The remarkably delicate paper and LED light installation Hope Tree was envisioned by 24° Studio as a spatial condition to attend to the discussion and understanding of the environment and its changes. Assembled in a spatial arch, the ethereal toroidal surface was constructed from 670 thick, self-supporting watercolor paper panels, meticulously reinforced with cardboard. Illuminated leaf-shaped cutouts were then placed within the geometry of the constructed box panels and layered with tracing paper to diffuse LED lighting into the internal space. Due to the physical properties of the watercolor paper and openings, the humidity and condensation of the environment caused the installation to warp, exposing varying diffusions of light.

Marit Ilison: Lúmine

Convinced that everything that surrounds us is a mere illusion, art director and fashion designer Marit Ilison created the costume collection Lúmine as a depiction of the human body, where the impression of clothing has been removed to disregard societal trends. The avant-garde collection infuses technology in an experimental fashion, featuring blue illuminated bodysuits and protruding structured pieces reminiscent of monstrous elongated tentacles.

Victoria Topping: Experiments in to Shape and Interplanetary Music

Experiments in to Shape and Interplanetary Music is a dynamic series of both large and small-scale works inspired by influential Russian painter and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky. Quoted for stating, “music is the ultimate teacher,” Victoria Topping followed Kandinsky’s theories to create musical landscapes composed from notes, rhythms and harmonies to evoke sound through sight. Her collective designs draw inspiration from vibrant art and sound found in disco, funk, and boogie records, jazz records gifted from her grandfather, and her passion for wallpaper designs, modernist architecture, textiles and textures.