F.A.T. Lab's First Speed Art Show is a Smashing Success

<p>How to transform an internet cafe into a gallery in 5 minutes.</p>

Why sit around waiting to be curated, when you can grab your crew and host your own art show at any internet cafe? That’s the line of reasoning behind creator James Powderly’s F.A.T. Lab’s new project. L.A.B. member Aram Bartholl basically rolled up with enough artists to show their work on each of the computer screens in the internet cafe, broke out the wine and cheese, and Voilà! it was a speed art show. Don’t have know enough artists to have them takeover all the computers at your local cafe? You just need one piece of art per computer; you can pick the files in advance, then have regular old friends and cafe goers help man the stations. Check out the video above to see the plan in action, which shows that even the cafe owner was happy to attract such a crowd. Ready to host your own? Here’s a link with more detailed instructions.