Fashion Photographer Simon Cave Gives Us The Full 360-Degree View

<p>Fashion, the Next Dimension shows us what goes into building a 3D fashion model.</p>

Fashion photographer Simon Cave is sick of flat fashion. He takes us behind the scenes of his recent 3D interactive fashion piece, where model Lily Kwong (wearing Givenchy for volume) had to spend a full day being 3D scanned. Then, since the technology only captures shape, manual photographs of texture and color were painstakingly painted onto the 3D model.

After translating the final product for web, the model is smaller than Cave and team would have hoped, but the application is a supremely accurate way to see every single detail of that $1000 blouse you’re coveting. As Cave says, “Fashion is not supposed to be seen in 2D, it’s supposed to be worn.” Watch the video over at The Moment.

[via The Moment]