Fashion Designer Alexandre Herchcovitch As Superhero

<p>Viche, help, my pants are too big!</p>

If you had the impression that Brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch was a straight laced, reserved kinda guy based on our interview with the design powerhouse, it’s time you got to know another side of this creator. A few years back, he produced and starred in a series of three superhero short films with his party buddy, Johnny Luxo. The duo—Super Luxo and Super Viche (Herchcovitch)—join forces to save humanity from the attacks of homicidal needles, unravel the mystery of disappearing platform shoes, and slap each other to see who will NOT kiss a drag queen to keep her from turning into a frog after midnight.

The shorts feature all the best superhero comic book clichés: capes, tights, violence onomatopoeias (SOC POW!!), and hilarious thought balloons. As expected, the costumes are amazing: Herchcovitch wears sequins and high heels. You can’t miss this. Enjoy!