Factory Fifteen's Film GAMMA Looks At A Post-Nuclear Future

<p>A nuclear cleanup operation goes horribly wrong in Factory Fifteen&#8217;s latest film.</p>

It’s been awhile, but Factory Fifteen have just released a new video called GAMMA—their first as a collective—which takes place in a post-nuclear world where the earth has been choked by the effects of radiation. It looks at the aftermath of a nuclear disaster and the desolation wrought by a failed cleanup bid using a ‘Nuke-Root’ technology that’s part fungi, part mollusc—these organisms were supposed to remove the nastiness from the air and make it all better again. But, they didn’t.

The film journeys around post-apocalyptic cities following the researchers in the ruined landscapes of Ukraine and Kazakhstan, which is made all the more pertinent by last year’s Fukushima disaster and the recent events in Iran.

We bear witness to barren architectural remains, the skeletal remnants of a Chenobyl-chic city with a brooding voiceover building a sense of a society ruined by its own creations. And then there’s also hints of the abominable lifeforms this ‘Nuke-Root’ technology has given birth to as well.