How To Type Using A Drum Kit

<p>Midi Drum Keyboard replaces a computer keyboard with a digital drum kit.</p>

Oct 29 2012, 1:54pm

Typing out an email on your keyboard can be a repetitive ordeal, same keyboard different day as you pound away on the QWERTY layout. Which is why it’s nice to add a bit of variety, by maybe turning your keyboard into a moss-covered lawn or doing away with the keyboard altogether and replacing it with a drum kit.

That’s right, instead of a boring keypad you can bash the crap out of a drum kit to type an email or write a blog post, or just do a quick Google search on how to turn more instruments into a keyboard. Alec Smecher’s project MIDI Drum Keyboard uses drum sticks to type by translating the bashing of a MIDI drum kit into computer characters. Smecher is a drummer for The Elixxirs so might be a little biased when it comes to choosing a replacement for a keyboard. But while practically speaking, it might not be the best solution, it gets top marks for fun.

The idea was that this would allow Smecher to practice his drumming more and as he was a fast typer, this seemed like a natural solution, “What if I could apply the dexterity I get by spending my days typing to simultaneously improving my drumming?” he says in a blog post. So he set about creating this unusual keyboard using a digital drum set, a MIDI to USB adapter, and some coding.

You can see it in action in the video above.

[via Gizmag]