New York In The Day And Night Combine In The Same Image In This Rotoscoped Time-Lapse Film

<p>Philip Stockton&#8217;s <i>New York: Night and Day</i> is like an animated collage.</p>

Oct 26 2012, 11:45am

New York: Night and Day from Philip Stockton on Vimeo.

We’re all familiar with the time-lapse technique in videos, perhaps a little overfamiliar, so it’s good when someone messes things up a bit, which is exactly what director Philip Stockton does in his short eulogy to New York called New York: Night and Day. In his piece, he combines the tried and tested time-lapse technique with animation, filming the same scenes in the day and night, then puts together the footage using rotoscoping to create an unusual effect.

The effect is a juxtaposition of night and day within the same shot, like a giant shadow from Godzilla has blocked out half the light. Silhouettes of skyscrapers and bridges sit alongside the same scenes in color, creating a collage-type unreality to the whole thing. It’s the sort of technique that screams MUSIC VIDEO.