[Eye Candy] Projection Mapping the Sydney Opera House

Inside the monumental projection mapping effort lighting up Australia's most iconic architecture.

This series showcases the world's most dynamic installations and jaw-dropping digital works. Each episode of Eye Candy takes our viewers inside a single installation to debut a multimedia work. These short and sweet videos are driven by the sights and sounds of an installation with exclusive artist commentary.It's as if you are standing in front of the works themselves. You can't help but stare!

In a new video from The Creators Project, Universal Everything founder and director Matt Pyke leads us through the graphically grand-scale light projection illuminating the Sydney Opera House in animated splendor. Specially created for Sydney's VIVID Live (May 22 - June 8), Universal Everything coordinated an ensemble team of 35 international collaborators to create the hand-drawn and computer-generated animations currently covering Australia's most iconic architectural building. Above, you can take a behind-the-scenes look at this "living mural" Lighting the Sails, and below, check out past coverage from The Creators Project on the monumentous project. 

Drew Tyndell, Fill. 
Lighting the Sails ‘Living Mural’, Universal Everything (UK). Vivid LIVE 2015, Sydney Opera House. sydneyoperahouse.com/vividlive

Bee Grandinetti, Shrink. Lighting the Sails ‘Living Mural’, Universal Everything (UK). Vivid LIVE 2015, Sydney Opera House. sydneyoperahouse.com/vividlive

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