Explore The Infinite With Stone Orbs of Oozing Light

<p>Byungkyu Kim’s <i>Space Eye</i> explores what&#8217;s between the cracks.</p>

If you came across one of these sculptures in a cave or in the basement of a dusty antique shop, you’d have the fleeting sense that you’ve discovered an alien artifact, some sort of supernatural power item that will either bestow special powers upon you, or suck you and everything around you into oblivion like the portable black hole from The Arrival. But of course, seeing them at an exhibition is a far different experience.

Korean artist Byungkyu Kim creates circles, spheres, and polyhedronic structures that examine the infinite through seeping streams of light. Using stone and metal for his sculptures, Kim internally illuminates them with LED lights that evoke an otherworldly energy. The artist explores the dichotomous nature of the infinite: a disorder embodied by the irregular cracks of light encompassed by the order of the fixed shape structures.

Photo courtesy of neolook.