Dive Inside Distorted Google Street Views in a VR Music Video [Premiere]

Electronic music producer Beshken creates some DIY 3D art for virtual reality.

It’s fairly rare for a house track to be anything but, well, dancefloor cannon fodder. The groove, the repetition, and tonal qualities are all designed to make you move. But with the new track “Restless Earth,” electronic musician Beshken was looking to go beyond, plunging himself and fans instead into the realms of absurdism and existentialism via some DIY virtual reality.

With his interactive VR website, also titled Restless Earth, Beshken creates psychedelic visuals designed to be “confusing and befuddling.” He uses GIFs and Google Street Views to create 3D art that has a variety of liquid, pixelated, and shimmering textures and geometric shapes. During the two breakdowns, the vistas appear out of static, digitally warped but still identifiable as spaces.

“I’m a huge fan of interactive websites and 3D art and I want to be seen as an artist who is more progressive rather than conservative,” says Beshken, who also provides the song's vocals. “Lately I’ve been finding it hard to explain myself, and I think it is because I’ve been exploring new ways to express myself.”

“It’s hard for me to say what my shit’s really about because to other people it could be about everything, anything, or nothing at all at the same exact time,” he adds. “I feel like the restless.earth idea came from my own artistic struggle to make intriguing shit in this absurd world.”

Click here to check out "Restless Earth" for yourself, and here to see more of Beshken’s work.


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