Experimental Video Game Uses In-Game Glitches As An Aesthetic

<p><i>Memory of a Broken Dimension</i> is set in a bewildering world of broken monochrome landscapes.</p>

Video games are known to have some in-game glitches, and sometimes they’re even celebrated for them. But while most of the time it’s an error that players stumble upon, a new game called Memory of a Broken Dimension by xra uses glitches as part of the game’s aesthetic.

Creative Applications posted about the project yesterday, linking to a forum discussion where its creator discusses some of the ideas behind it. It uses the FPS perspective to drive the narrative as you solve puzzles and explore an experimental environment. From the trailer it looks like it could be quite a baffling experience, as you wander around the monochrome world, struggling through its broken lands.

The game is still in the early stages of development and details are scarce, but it certainly looks like an intriguing premise. Some images from the project’s website are below.

[via Creative Applications]