Experimental Generative Documentary Film CLOUDS Launches Kickstarter Campaign

<p>Help make this enlightening experimental film a reality.</p>

A few months back, we got our first taste of the RGB+D toolkit, a method that uses a Kinect and a DLSR camera to create stunning images that are somewhere between traditional film and CG animation. Developed by James George (of Antagonistic Apps) and Jonathan Minard, the project simplifies the path to an end product that would otherwise require a massive amount of time and painstaking labor, as well as equipment that the average person has no access to.

Having compiled interviews with 30 new media artists, designers, and luminaries using the RGB+D format, they’re working on a film called CLOUDS, which they describe as “a generative portrait of this digital arts community in a videogame-like environment.” The group recently launched their Kickstarter campaign in hopes of gaining the resources they need to complete the film, with will showcase the poignant perspectives of its subjects while their images are augmented by the very toolkit in question, giving the film a psychedelic, Waking Life sheen, but perhaps with a bit more substance.

To support this effort, hit up the CLOUDS Kickstarter page.