Experience The Frozen Wonder Of Toronto's Recent Ice Storm With This Hypnotizing Timelapse

Just when you thought you'd seen everything ice can do.

ICELIGHT TORONTO from Sunchaser Pictures.

Above, watch one of Canada's largest cities shake, tremble, and light up in this delicate timelapse by Sunchaser Pictures filmed during Toronto's recent mega ice storm. 

"I was home over the holidays in Toronto during the epic ice storm of 2013 and I managed to bundle up and face the insanely cold temperatures to get some timelapses and document the damage," says the film's creator Gavin Heffernan,".. the ice storm also brought much beauty, with a blue blanket of transparent ice not seen since Schwarzenegger [playing Mr.Freeze] in Batman and Robin."

Moved by the naturally surreal lighting effect of the ice on the city, Heffernan experimented with enhancing this organic phenomemon via "a cocktail of light rays/zooms/rotations/saturation," manufacturing the kaleidoscopic look of the film. 

Currently living in LA, Heffernan is also is a part of the city's timelapse shooting scene, as well as a screenwriter. Over the last year Heffernan's "star trail" timelapses have taken off, with Heffernan receiving praise in National Geographic, LA Times, Discovery Channel, WIRED and many other outlets.

Below, check out a few more images from this mesmerizing short:

Shot on the Canon EOS 6D with Canon 24mm/1.4F lens and TC-80N3 Intervalometer, you can view more of this work on Icelight Toronto's Flickr page. For more of Heffernan and Sunchaser's work, you can visit their website at SunshaserPictures.com or on Facebook.