[Exclusive Video] Inside The Making Of "Momentum," UVA's Sensory-Distorting New Installation

A look inside "Momentum," the newest installation from United Visual Artists.

Earlier today, The Creators Project published mini-retrospective on art and design studio, United Visual Artists (UVA), which just turned ten years old this past February. The article was complemented with a documentary on the multidisciplinary studio's most recent installation, titled Momentum.

Momentum, a space and time distorting exhibition described as a "spatial instrument," premiered at London's Barbican Curve Gallery this past February, and included twelve mechanical pendulums that formed an evolutionary composition of light, sound, and movement. As visitors traverse the space, the pendulums were programmed to move in idiosyncratic manners, so that shadows surged across the room and sounds bounced off the chamber walls. It became a unique (and beautifully hynpotic) experience for every visitor. 

On top of our documentary (which can be watched above) The Creators Project is detailing some behind-the-scenes photos of the immersive, 90-meter-long audiovisual exhibition. Momentum may need to be experienced in person to fully comprehend how captivating it truly is, but the photos give insight into how much energy and effort was needed to make the piece a truly mesmerizing work. Take a look at the specs and the doc, and get an inside peek into the mind-bending ingenuity.

Images courtesy of UVA, James Medcraft, Tiemen Rapati, and Barbican Gallery.