Evade Technology's Gaze With Counter Surveillance Fashion

<p>Adam Harvey creates the anti-drone hoodie and anti-drone scarf for exhibition <i>Stealth Wear</i>.</p>

If you’re paranoid about being spotted from above by roaming drones should they come to invade our skies, then you’re probably going to need some kind of anti-spy clothing to shield you from their machine gaze.

In a new exhibition called Stealth Wear: New Designs For Counter Surveillance at Primitive London, NYC artist Adam Harvey—who previously came up with ways to style yourself to evade facial-recognition software with his CV Dazzle—will explore the idea of anti-surveillance fashion in collaboration with fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield.

The show will feature a range of wearables that could help you go undetected by the machines that watch over us. The clothing on show will feature an anti-drone hoodie and anti-drone scarf, which work by blocking thermal imaging technology which can be used by drones to spot their human prey. If you’re traveling abroad you could check out their XX-shirt which protects the wearer’s heart from X-rays and if you need to shut down your phone in a hurry then look no further than the Off Pocket, “an anti-phone accessory that allows you to instantly zero out your phone's signal.”

The exhibition will take place January 18th-31st in London with additional support from Tank Magazine.


[via Prosthetic Knowledge]