Enter A World Of Giant Glowing Musical Orbs In Floating Instrument

<p>Colorful balls that synchronize in color and sound with just a tap of the hand.</p>

Remember that epic LED ball drop we did at Coachella last year with Chris Milk and Arcade Fire? Well, this project kind of reminds us of that, but with less of the inebriated, sweaty, sun-soaked hipsters and more of a calming, Japanese zen design aesthetic.

Floating Instrument is a melodic collaboration between Tokyo-based visual designers teamLab and sound artist Hideaki Takahashi. A collection of interactive balls connected through a wireless network change colors in-sync, exuding soft bulbous hues, and responding to your touch. Touch one ball and then another, the rest will instantly change to the color of the ball you touched and play dreamy reverberations.

Recently scattered throughout the Roppongi Hills for Roppongi Art Night, Floating Instrument is just one of the few creative collaborations between teamLab and Takahashi designed to accentuate the interactions between music and the environment.

[Photo via kzsktt36]