Emicida's New Music Video Humanizes Members Of The World's Oldest Profession

<p>The Brazilian rapper&#8217;s new release shows the seedy underbelly of São Paulo.</p>

Emicida’s new music video for, “Rua Augusta,” premiered last Wednesday, and the song is bringing some controversial images into the spotlight. Shot in Vila Mimosa in Rio, and Augusta Street in São Paulo, the video shows the red light district of São Paulo, where prostitution runs rampant. “Rua Augusta” features interviews with streetwalkers, and depicts one single mother, Rosana, in great detail, whom the crew followed for four days.

“We didn't even realize how the shoot was going to touch us,” Emicida said in a Q&A for our Coachella Music Preview. “We took what the song says, and filmed it from another viewpoint. It depicts the lives of the girls from when they wake up, as they're brushing their teeth, taking care of their children, and being harassed by the neighborhood.”

The video debuted last week on NOIZ and on MTV Brasil. The MC’s production company, Laboratório Fantasma, released two promotional teasers (watch them here and here) to promote the song and the concept prior to the video’s release.

Emicida opened up to us about his experience shooting the video: “I had already seen the neighborhood before I wrote the music, but it´s a different story to be there with her,” he said about Rosana, who inspired him to pen another forthcoming track. “The intention of shooting at Vila Mimosa was to show that this is not a situation unique to São Paulo,” Emicida insists. “The lyrics are not specific to Rua Augusta—just the title. Prostitution happens everywhere in the country, [and] in the world.”

Download the track here and check out a behind the scenes slideshow of the video’s production here.

Emicida will perform at Coachella next month, alongside other creators including New Pants and EE.