Emicida Releases A New Single In Time For Brazil's Carnaval

<p>Before one of Brazil&#8217;s largest holidays Carnaval even begins, Emicida chronicles the comedown.</p>

Today is Thursday and all of Brazil is excited—afterall, they have an entire week of celebration and festivities ahead of them. It will unfold the way most major national celebrations do: a bunch of people on the streets, thrill, joy, etc., but a state of inevitable depression will hit after the week’s high starts to fade. Luckily, our creator Emicida is on hand to help stave off the dreary comedown next Wednesday by releasing a new song to counteract the depression. “Quero Ver Quarta Feira” (I Wanna See Wednesday) features beats from Damien Seth, as well as vocals from Mart’nália, the daughter of samba musician Martinho da Vila—one of the most important samba enthusiasts of our time. She joins the song’s chorus, ripping out our hearts with a melancholic samba. Thankfully, Emicida’s regular enthusiasm brings balance and assures that everything has a bright side—and that life will go on after the holiday. “Those who are, are. And they help raising another Carnaval.”

Check out the above video for the track’s making-of, or listen below.

Along with appearing at Coachella, Emicida will also be lending his talents to the digital Music Production Center (MPC) app, iFUNK-SE, which will be released during the Red Bull Funk-se Tour, also in April.

Look for an original mixtape from Sany Pitbull, Renegado, Emicida, Zé Brown, Funkero, and André Ramiro to accompany the release.