Electronic Circuitry Gets A TRON-Style Makeover In Mabonona's Maze

<p>The workings of the electronic world, in neon.</p>

For most people, the circuitry that makes up their electrical products is a thing of beauty because of what it can do. But the circuitry itself, the resistors and transistors which are hidden away, are not usually found hanging in a gallery space, even if they do take creativity and artistry to create.

Chinese artist Mabonona is reappraising this by turning the components of our gadgets and computers into visual art that anyone can appreciate, even if you don’t have a circuit bender’s understanding of what it all does. The green boards and semiconductors are turned neon, becoming glowing mazes of wonder that wouldn’t be out of place in the Avengers movie.

The installation is called Maze, and Mabonona uses the term to not only reflect the physical structure of these circuits, but also how we might be lost without them—along with alluding to the idea that, even though the average person interacts with them on a daily basis, we still don’t really know much about their inner workings. [Read our interview with Mabonona here.]

[via Prosthetic Knowledge and NeochaEDGE]