DUO: A DIY Open Source Motion Controller For All Your Hacking Needs

<p>Perfect for hackers, it lets you customize both the hardware and software.</p>

Last year the Leap Motion dangled the carrot of affordable gesture controlling for PCs and Macs in front of our eyes and with it the possibilities of endless hacks and a new way of interacting with our machines. Now the flood gates have been opened for this type of tech, it was only a matter of time before other companies jumped on board.

The DUO is a similar motion control device for PCs, but is open source and billed as a “DIY device allowing you to build your own and customize it in any way you choose” playing to hackers, artists, and experimenters so they can hack both the hardware and software as it “comes bundled with powerful SDK/API allowing you to rapidly incorporate this new technology in your own projects regardless of the programming language you may use.” Using a 3D sensor it lets you perform similar movements to the Leap Motion, pointing, swiping, and pinching to navigate the screen.

You can see the early prototype in the video above and it looks like they’re going to be launching a Kickstarter project too to help get it off the ground.