Dump Your Bandmates And Recruit This Robotic Bass Player Instead

<p>James McVay&#8217;s MechBass is a <span class="caps">MIDI</span>-controlled bass guitarist.</p>

It often happens that once a band has been together awhile, the inevitable falling out happens. Jagger and Richards, Barat and Doherty, Gallagher and Gallagher—all of them had their differences. Of course the passage of time is a great healer, but while the rift is still mending, a replacement needs to be found. And why trouble yourself with another human being when they can be so temperamental? Instead, replace that wayward band member with a robot.

Engineering student James McVay has created MechBass, a MIDI-controlled robotic bass player that does everything a human bass player can do, except maybe chuck a TV out of a hotel window into a swimming pool. But at least it won’t get the hump because it hasn’t got as many groupies as the lead singer. You can hear it covering “Hysteria” by Muse in the video above.

[via DVICE]