Double-Helix Skyscraper Aims To Give Residents An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

<p>Vincent Callebaut Architecte&#8217;s Agora Garden pairs eye-catching design with green credentials for some luxury flats.</p>

The double-helix structure of DNA is one of the most famous molecular structures in science. It also makes for an impressive looking skyscraper too, as the concept images of these intertwined towers being built in Taipei City show. Mainland China’s building boom is well noted and in amongst the architectural throng are some gems.

This one, called Agora Garden, is designed by Vincent Callebaut Architecte and features contorting towers that hug each other as they rise above the streets below. Inspired by both two hands clasping each other and the famed shape of DNA, their design means that your experience of the structure alters depending on where you’re standing.

The residential towers are reaching for green credentials too with the use of suspended vertical gardens that they hope will provide residents with the space to grow fruit and vegetables, along with tanks for collecting rain water, nests for the birds to reside in, and facilities so they can turn waste into fertilizer. They’ll also be mature trees in a “mineral and aquatic glade” that will surround the base of the towers to shelter the residents from the noise of the city that surrounds them.

It all sounds idyllic and in 2016 when it’s completed, we’ll get to see whether it lives up to the claim to be as eco-friendly as it sounds.

images courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architecte

[via Gizmag]