DJ Cooker Merges The Arts Of Mixing And Cooking In One Device

<p>Just make sure you don&#8217;t try to jog the wrong wheel.</p>

Ever since the Swiss Army knife, fusion technology has scaled new worlds of usefulness, from the floating BBQ grill to the mp3 player/breathalizer. But really, where is the line between usefulness and utter futility? The correct answer is, “What was that? I couldn’t hear you because I was busy operating my stove/DJ console.”

That’s right. Take one set of round things that you’re never supposed to touch and combine it with another set of round things that you simply have to touch, and you’ve got DJ Cooker, an item that, before long, may well leave you incapable of operating anything at all. This design from Singaporean designer Jinhui Kevin Li promises that you’ll “enjoy your cooking with hip-hop” far beyond anything Grandmaster Flash imagined as he was cutting it up in his kitchen.

As clearly stated in the promotional material:

Beginning to cook, a piece of music will be played in it, what you have to do is hitting the plate according the hip-hop rhythm, then that would lead to the shake of pan while it’s being heated. So you can enjoy making an exciting music as well as letting the food be fully cooked!