Dive Into Your Netflix Queue With This Oculus Rift Hack

With "Oculix,' you can queue up your next movie binge in virtual reality.

As if scrolling through streaming sites to find the perfect movie wasn't already an engrossing ordeal, the brains behind Netflix's Summer Hack Day have created an Oculus Rift-based gesture control setup called "Oculix," that allows users to flip through online titles in virtual reality. Where picking what to watch once just consumed a lot of time, now it can consume a lot of (digital) space, too. 

"Hacked" by Ian McKay, Steve McGuire, Rachel Nordman, Kris Range, Alex Bustin, and M. Frank Emanuel, Oculix offers control over Netflix's entire library at the wearer's free-floating fingertips. Imagine using the gestural interface from Minority Report, but viewed through Oculus goggles (and, of course, filled with images of romantic comedies and Orange Is The New Black instead of murder scenes).

Finished with the first season of House of Cards? Just swipe on over to the second. From the video (below) the interface also looks a lot like a digital reimagining of the Architect's office from The Matrix, and, given the virtually endless amount of content to choose form, a one-off concept version of Borges' Library of Babel.

While Oculix may never become available to the public, it suggests the potential for Oculus Rift as an archival tool. But, to be honest, it looks so entertaining that using it to pick a movie could take longer than ever. 

A user plays with Oculix, the Oculus-Rift based Netflix viewer.
Visitors of Netflix's Summer Hack Day explore Oculix

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